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We’re closer to tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030 than we look – IEA

Governments worldwide are swiftly implementing renewable energy initiatives, making significant strides toward tripling capacity by 2030.

How renewables could beat natural gas in US generating capacity within 3 years – in numbers

Renewable energy sources in the United States are poised to rival, and potentially outpace, natural gas in electrical generating capacity within the next three years.

New England’s solar capacity forecasted to double over the next 10 years

According to the Projections from ISO New England, the region's solar capacity is set to nearly double within the next 10 years. 

Low-energy process for high-performance solar cells

A team at UC Santa Barbara has devised a method to fabricate high-quality perovskite films at ambient temperature, streamlining production and elevating efficiency from below 20% to 24.4%.

Efficacy of solar panels boosted

Solar power emerges as a pivotal tool in combating climate change, and researchers from the University of Ottawa have engineered an ingenious strategy to enhance its efficacy.

In 2023, investment in clean energy manufacturing shot up 70% from 2022

A fresh report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) underscores the burgeoning momentum of solar and battery manufacturing as a robust force propelling the global economy forward.

US, other G7 countries to phase out coal by early 2030s

In a landmark development, the G7 has reached a historic consensus to gradually eliminate coal usage by the early 2030s, as announced today

Lumin announces integration with Tesla Powerwalls

Lumin, a leading smart panel manufacturer, recently announced the integration of their Lumin Smart Panel with the Tesla Powerwall series of home batteries.

HKU Engineers Unlock Secrets to Efficient Organic Solar Cells

A breakthrough by a team led by Professor Philip C.Y. Chow from the University of Hong Kong's Department of Mechanical Engineering offers promising strides in organic solar cell (OSC) technology.


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