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Compliance with requirements and norms is a guarantee of high-quality installation

When installing photovoltaic solar power plants, general contractors must adhere to some basic requirements, including the following:
1. Compliance with safety rules and regulations: general contractors must comply with all occupational safety rules and regulations during the installation of a PV solar power plant.
2. Conformity with the design: installation of a PV solar power plant must conform with the design, taking into account all technical and engineering requirements.
3. Use of quality materials and equipment: general contractors must use only quality materials and equipment from reputable manufacturers to ensure the durability and reliability of a power plant.
4. Compliance with deadlines: the installation of a PV solar power plant must be completed within the agreed deadlines to avoid delays in the launch of the project and possible financial losses.
5. Compliance with the legislation: general contractors must comply with all requirements related to the installation and operation of a PV solar power plant established by the laws of the country.
Only complying with these rules and regulations, the general contractor ensures high-quality and efficient installation of a solar power plant, which will be productive and reliable throughout the entire period of operation.

Kraft Solergy Company has already proved itself as a reliable designer and manufacturer of mounting systems for solar power plants. We strictly adhere to all standards and regulations. Thanks to efficient production, we are able to fulfill large orders in the shortest possible time. Our specialists plan delivery and installation in such a way that this process is continuous, without downtime of equipment and people. The ease of assembling the structure from profiles makes it possible to reduce the time for putting a power plant into operation.

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