Design of mounting systems for PV solar power plants

/ Design

Competent design is the key to a long service life

A large number of factors and requirements must be taken into account in order to design mounting systems for PV solar panels according to the specific parameters of the customer. Determining the requirements is the first step in the photovoltaic solar cell mounting systems designing process. At this stage, it is important to determine all the factors affecting the design in order to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the system. 
Key requirements to consider when designing photovoltaic solar cell mounting systems include the following:
1. Height and slope of the site: To ensure the optimal efficiency of photovoltaic solar panels, it is important to correctly determine the height and slope of the site. This will help maximize the gain of solar energy during the day.
2. Soil type: the type of soil can affect the choice of the foundation structure and the method of fixing the PV solar panel mounting systems.
3. Wind speed and snow load is an important factors to consider when designing PV solar cell mounting systems,  they can create significant mechanical loads on structures and increase the risk of their damage.
4. Seismic area: if the site is located in a seismic area, it is important to take this factor into account when designing mounting systems for PV solar cells. This may include the use of additional safety devices such as anchors and steel slings.
5. Maximum weight and size of photovoltaic solar cells: the weight and size of PV solar cells is an important factor in determining the type of structure and their installation. Heavy cells may require additional reinforcements and fasteners to ensure their weight is safely and stably supported.
6. Maximum capacity of photovoltaic solar cells: determining the maximum capacity of PV solar cells will help determine the number and type of PV solar panels needed to generate a sufficient amount of electricity. It is also important to determine the optimal size of the mounting systems and their design.
7. Climatic conditions: climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and precipitation can affect the choice of materials and the design of the mounting systems. For example, corrosion issues can occur in an area with high humidity, so it is important to use non-corrosive materials or to additionally protect them from corrosion.
8. Local rules and regulations: it is important to consider local rules and regulations governing the installation of PV solar panels. For example, there may be restrictions on the height and size of mounting systems that can be installed.

Specialists of Kraft Solergy Company have extensive experience in designing photovoltaic solar power plants of any size. We use latest software to take all factors into account. These factors are a guarantee that the mounting systems designed by us will be effective, safe and meet all requirements and standards. This will help reduce the risks of unforeseen problems and ensure the successful implementation of your project.

/ Installation

Installation of PV solar power plants

Installation of a photovoltaic solar power plant is a complex process that requires great attention to detail and highly qualified installers. 
The process of installation of PV solar power plants has several stages:
1. Preparation of the site.
2. Marking of the plot.
3. Installation of the mounting systems.
4. Installation of PV solar panels.
5. Connection to the power grid.
6. Conduct of tests and adjustment.

For many years, our company has cooperated with proven contractors engaged in installation of photovoltaic solar power plants, who will ensure fast and high-quality installation of your project on a turnkey basis.

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