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Vasylivka-3 5.91 MW PV solar power plant

General Information
The ground-based Vasylivka-3 SPP photovoltaic solar power plant is located on the territory of Kakhovska district, Kherson region. The power plant was put into operation with an installed capacity of 5.91 MW.
The design envisages the use of metal structures of a typical section for 12 desks of 8 EGING PV EG-P72-C photovoltaic modules with an inclination angle of 25 degrees. The term of operation of the object is 10 years.
Constructive solutions
The frame of a typical section consists of a single-column frame, a distribution beam with braces and five spans (two for each row of FVMs). The stands are arranged at a distance of 3.950 m. The dimensions of one section is 4.18 m x 47.4 m. Rigidity of the frame is ensured due to the rigid clamping of the frame stands and cross space connections on the frame stands and beams in the 1st and 12th span in the ground. The angle of inclination of the upper plane of the desk is 25°.
Structure material and anti-corrosion protection
Sheet material - Ry - 350 MPa, 450 MPa galvanized steel with yield modulus (Ry at least 350, 400 mPa, 450 mPa) according to EN 10025-2 and EN 10346.
Anti-corrosion protection of the frame elements is provided by the factory-applied galvanic coating of the structural material with a layer of zinc of at least 275 g/m2, and at least 600 g/m2 for columns.
Isometry of the mounting system for FVM (typical section for 12 modules) for 8 photomodules
General appearance of the structure

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